Brasileirinhos - Salve Geral

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Publicado em 07/09/19 / Em Música

Publicado pelos Brasileirinhos no YouTube (publicando aqui pois deverão bloquear lá).
Abaixo, o trecho em inglês.

Our intelligentsia, like Moses
A brand new commandment imposes:
Let's make it fair,
We're waging warfare
But we use weapons, and you roses.

A lying journo called Glenn
Defends sociopaths all he can.
"I swear this is true,
The whole thing is a coup,
It's all part of TV Globo's plan!"

Glenn lied about charges of graft,
Kickbacks and old-fashioned theft.
Irrelevant scribes
Who can't take my gibes
That's all that is left of the left!

Glenn Greenwald's fate is so tragic:
He tries to spin his old magic
To defend some thugs
But Brazil just shrugs,
We know he's just an apparatchik.

A journo with lefty credentials
Is to crooked pols deferential.
Speaking of crooks,
He actually shook
Lula's hand, was his musk presidential?

Greenwald thought he could stop
Dams from bursting with agitprop.
He plugged his thumb
Way up in David's bum
And, well, now all he can do is mop.

Greenwald's dull yadda-yadda
'Bout coups and elites's getting sadder.
He's a hack and a shill
We will boot from Brazil.
Ei, Glenn, no coupzinho não vai nada?

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carlos barbosa
carlos barbosa 4 Anos Atrás

não canso de ver esse vídeo . já vi várias vezes no youtube

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